Monitoring over Fibre

You are getting rid off ADSL and VDSL with Fibre Broadband, but stuck because of your alarm? The monitoring over fibre is your solution.

Cellular Network Monitoring

This is when your alarm is monitored over the internet through your broadband connection along with the Security Communicator with inbuilt Data Backup either Vodafone or spark. Cellular alarm communications use the mobile data service on the 2G or 3G cellular communication systems (10/7 Security supply T4000 Security Communicators for the Alarm Monitoring over Fibre) With so many changes occurring to the landline networks and with fibre being rolled out in many areas, the cellular network monitoring is now the most reliable communications medium for alarms, providing there is acceptable cell phone network coverage.


The Cellular alarm communicator is powered by your alarm so will continue to communicate with the monitoring centre as long as the battery is powering the alarm. 10/7 Security provide the communicator SIM card and there are no additional cell phone network charges.

Cellular Alarm Communicators are supplied and installed at no additional cost.

About this Process

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