The safety and security of your family is our number 1 priority

A security system takes no days off. You need a security system that works as hard as you do to protect your family. We create products that monitor 24/7. Whether 10/7 Security installed your system or not, we offer affordable monthly monitoring and maintenance of most modern security systems. We can still service your monitoring needs to ensure that your family and valuables are protected at all times. Contact us today to ask about our monitoring services.

How 10/7 Security responds to emergencies?

  • We call the keyholder
  • We send a qualified patrolling Officer to check on your site
  • We call for emergency services if required.

If the patrolling Officer finds an issue that needs attention, our monitoring Station:

  • Contacts the keyholder and/or designated keyholders
  • Calls emergency services
  • Organises a static guard to remain on site
  • Organises locksmiths, glaziers and other tradespeople, if required

Is your home safe?

A house becomes a home only when you feel secure inside it. Keep your loved ones comfortable and safe with 10/7 Security.
Statistics show that burglaries mostly occur in broad daylight. At 10/7 Security, we keep an eye on your property 24 x 7 x 365 days. This covers not only the time you are away on work, but also when you are on a holiday. That way you not only can focus on the job that you need to finish at your workplace but also spend a few relaxing days away from home.
10/7 Security alarms can monitor intruders, smoke, mains fail, temperature and more. Your alarms are programmed to directly connect with our monitoring station via your phone line or 3G Device. This helps our monitoring station to respond quickly, in case your alarm system activates.

We provide a free onsite audit to find the best protection solution for your own property.

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Still confused about your residential security needs? Our F.A.Q is here to help! If the answer you are looking for is not is the list, feel free to ask your question directly to us using this button.

What Is the Importance of Alarm Monitoring?

When the alarm goes off or any kind of activations are recorded on the system, the security system will send out a signal to our monitoring station, one of our 24/7 available operators will contact the key holders registered in our database and will send the cops or arrange a guard to your site as per your request.

Where do I require sensors mainly?

Sensors are not required in all the rooms but mainly at the corner spaces, near the valuable items, ceilings, basements, second floor bedrooms, outside the patios etc.

Our technician does a free audit and gives you the suggestions and helps you to find the suitable place to install the PIR according to your requirements.

Can pets trigger the alarm?

Yes, it is true that security system can be triggered by pets. Talk to one of experts today about the pet-friendly options. With traditional sensors, the alarm gets easily activated and can cause a false activation but with Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detectors, it can detect the heat changes and avoid the false activations.

How long the siren will make noise during alarm activation?

Usually the outdoor sirens are designed to make noise for 4 minutes and this time is also adjustable.

Can I add a remote to my alarm system? Will it work on my existing alarm system?

Yes, you can add a remote to your alarm system. Remote controls are becoming more and more popular in residential areas as these remotes are in the size of the car remote and have a similar range and work similar to how the garage door remotes works.
There are wide ranges of remotes and it all depends on the type of the alarm system you are using to work on your alarm system as some alarm systems can accept the remotes and some doesn’t so it’s always best to discuss with our security consultant and find a solution that suits you.

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