Additional Services

10/7 Provide Static Guard, Alarm Monitoring, Patrolling and Response for Residential and Commercial Properties.

Guarding Additional Services

  • Automated system generated reporting system
  • NFC Tags for accurate location tracking & reporting
  • Professional trained & uniformed staff 
  • Sign written vehicles
  • Security Signs and Stickers


Electronic Security Additional Services

  • Ongoing technical support for installed security systems
  • Monitoring & Surveillance Signs and stickers
  •  Product manuufacturer’s warranty and extended warranties
  • Mobile access for alarm & CCTV system


Networking Services

  • Switches & Switching Cabinets
  • Wireless Internet solutions
  • Wired Internet Solutions
  • Remote area wireless coverage
  • Technical Support



Want to found out more about our guards services or how to become one? This F.A.Q is here for you. If you need more specific information, please ask your question using the button below.

What does the basic security training course cover?

The basic training program aims to ensure all security guards and private investigators in the province have the fundamental technical skills and 
knowledge whilst your soft skills to become an entry level employee in the 
Security Services industry and  to carry out their work professionally, effectively, safely and lawfully.

Security guard course

Topics for the security guard course:

  • Security Industry Fundamentals
  • Health & Safety in the Security Industry
  • Emergency Basics for Security Personnel
  • Working in the Security Industry
  • Introduction to the Security Industry
  • The Private Security Licensing Authority conduct and Code of Conduct regulation
  • Basic Security Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Health and Safety
  • Emergency Response Preparation
  • Effective Communications
  • Use of Force Theory
What is the purpose of hire static guards?

Static guards will be conducting the patrol of the property for any suspicious activities responding to emergency calls such as fire alarm. parking enforcement, monitored CCTV cameras, preventing any force entry or enforcement the regulations of the properties.

Reporting maintenance issues to property manager. And static guards will be providing a visitors parking pass for the guest and signing in a contractors keeping all the confidential information in the safe logs books.

Security Guard VS Bouncers?

The difference between the security guards are more of customer service orientated and protecting the buildings, office buildings constructions sites. also observing and report any signs of suspicious activities that occurred on  your property security guard can trespass  a unauthorized person to be found on your properties without consent. Static guard can also direct someone to leave if someone committed force entry or entered prohibited entry on private properties.  

Bouncers are assigned normally for events, bars, and night clubs. Bouncers are paid higher rate then security guards and responsibilities vary from crowd controls, monitoring the bars or night club ensuring that people are safe. Bouncer are certified for smart serve well experience  in escorting  intoxicated person of the property and if someone is misbehaving  or having a alterations in the night club or private bars.

Can i work as a security guard without a license?

You must have a valid licence (COA) to work as a security guard or private investigator.  Working without a valid licence is a violation of the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority and may lead to charges.

Are Wired or Wireless Home Security Systems Better?

It depends on what you need from a security system. Hardwired alarm systems have an edge on reliability, while wireless systems provide a more streamlined installation and can be used in places where wired systems can’t.

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