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10/7 Security offers a range of CCTV & Alarm solutions for both your home or your business. 

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Trusted Security Company for Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems.
You work too hard to have your business damaged by theft. Let us keep your property, customers, and employees protected with the right system for you and our 24/7 monitoring.

Protect Your Team & Assets.
Physical security is paramount for your employees, customers and daily operations. Using advanced, integrated technologies we design, install and monitor a personalized commercial burglar alarm system for companies and institutions of all sizes. For example, we are the security partner for numerous businesses across New Zealand. So, let us help your company.

  • 24/7 Monitoring Services.
    We monitor your business 24/7 from our Professional Monitoring Station, located in Auckland. Our certified central station operators respond to priority signals within 20 seconds or less, on average.
  • Hold up or panic buttons.
    In an emergency situation, it’s good to know that help is just a button push away. We can install discrete panic buttons in key locations around your building.
  • Glass breakage sensors.
    Burglars often attempt to break glass to gain access to your building at night. We will be alerted of any glass breakage or unusual shock vibrations that occur at your facility.
  • Integrated security.
    We believe burglar alarms work best when integrated with all parts of your security system, such as video monitoring and access control. That way when a door is opened, or a camera is passed by, you will be alerted.

Residential Alarm Monitoring

Trusted Security Company for Home Burglar Alarm Systems.
With our security monitoring, you’re never alone. We’re here to keep you protected 24/7.

Residential Burglar Alarms.
We design, install and monitor burglar alarms for homes of any size. Using the latest technologies and mobile applications, we put control in the palm of your hand. If there’s an alarm at your home, our team will react in 20 seconds or less, on average. It’s the fastest documented response time we know of in our industry.

  • Our systems meet the highest standards of quality.
    This means virtually no false alarms or technical issues.
  • No communication delays.
    Some alarm companies purposely program communication delays into their home burglar alarms. These delays, which can be as long as four minutes, are installed to cut down on false alarms. Our systems are programmed so that we receive your alarm signal immediately.
  • Our monitoring is local, never outsourced.
    Many alarm companies outsource their monitoring to distant call centers. Our monitoring is all done from our 24-hour Professional Monitoring Station located in
  • Integrated security.
    We can integrate your lights, locks and thermostat with your home security system, giving you control from your smart phone. You will feel much safer knowing that you never need to come home to a dark, cold house again.

Monitoring Without Phone Line

Home Security System Without a Phone Line: What Are My Options Here?

When getting a home security system, one of the questions customers have on their mind is if they need a phone line. Since many people don’t have a landline these days, they may be wondering about their options when it comes to securing their home. Don’t worry; there are options for home security systems without phone lines!

With today’s technology, there are more options available than ever before. Traditional systems work with your phone line where, if the alarm is triggered, a monitoring center is alerted by using the home telephone.

Now, wireless monitoring provides 24/7 security to your and your family using similar technology to cell phones.

Even without a landline, it’s still important to have a monitored home security system as opposed to a non-monitored system. Monitored systems provide many more benefits over just standalone systems with an alarm. Monitored systems allow you to keep tabs on the home from everywhere, along with many automation features that can help customers control homes.

Benefits of a security system using cellular technology linked to cell phones:

  • Text Alerts
  • Remote Access to Your System
  • Home Automation Features
  • No Need to Worry about Outages of Internet Connection or Power
  • More Reliable
  • Lower Cost: You Can Eliminate Your Landline Phone Bill!
  • Added Video Services and Video Monitoring

Monitoring via GPRS module

We have worked hard to  ensure our security products and monitoring services are highly effective and relevant to today’s needs.

Monitoring via GSM module which is powered by dual 4G sim cards connects to your existing or new alarm system for alarm monitoring services. You don’t have to upgrade your whole alarm system to get it monitored if you are switching to fibre or your premises is located in remote area where there is no internet or phone connectivity, we can still monitor your alarm via GSM module.

10/7 Security installs a T4000 4G GPRS Security Communicator to an alarm system that provides a way for the system to communicate with our monitoring Station for protection 24/7. The T4000 GPRS Communicator operates in private networks provided by Vodafone and Spark and it’s the best fibre alarm monitoring option.

The Alarm panel sends its data using the T4000 GPRS network. If the T4000 unit loses connectivity, it will automatically switch to the other network.

This device won’t be affected by the power cut as it can run off the backup battery installed in the alarm. When you get this device installed, your property is still monitored even if you don’t have phone line or internet, as this device got a 4G sim card inbuilt.

Advantages of GPRS Monitoring:

No requirement for a Fixed Landline or Internet
Enables quick notification of security violations to the monitoring station
Examined hourly and capable of programming that was changing
Unable to be interfered with by intruders
Alarm monitoring cannot be bypassed by cutting a phone line
Alarm Activity to be watched by mobile APP

Please check at whether your home or business is ready to be upgraded to fibre, then phone us on 0800 220 228 to discuss how this may affect your existing alarm monitoring. Take the opportunity to review your security.
All our staff are Ministry of Justice Licensed, holding the relevant Certificate of Approval. All our installers are Registered Security Technicians.

Want to upgrade your existing security system? Our experienced security consultants offer free audit. Call us today for an appointment!

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