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Perhaps more than any other endeavor, construction sites require the ability to stay within budget in order to be successful. A key element is the ability to minimize losses due to pilferage, vandalism and liability with a budget-friendly construction site security solution. 10/7 Security is pleased to provide construction site security solutions that limit access to construction sites and give our clients the best protection for their money through the integration of superior manpower and cutting edge technology.

At 10/7 Security we have vast experience addressing security for construction sites. Our excellent rapport with local police stations allows us to work closely with them to optimize the security of construction sites. We know that the biggest threats to a construction site include:


  • Theft of supplies and equipment
  • Theft of services by contractors and subcontractors
  • Liability created by trespassers
  • Vandalism
  • Work interruption due to protesters or labor conflicts

We begin with a risk analysis and create a site-specific security operations plan. Our integrated solutions deploy highly trained, licensed officers and the best in security technology to address your security needs along with loss prevention and control. All of our construction site security officers comply with Health & Safety regulations. Depending upon your construction site security needs, we may provide any or all of the following in addition to our professional agents:


  • On Site Security Officers (Permanent or Casual)
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV with local or remote monitoring, constant or motion activated feed
  • Parking lot security
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Patrol vehicles
  • Logging contractors and subcontractors hours
  • Reports of all activities at agreed upon intervals

Require professional construction site or building security?

10/7 Security Guards are experienced in providing quality security services in order to keep your construction site safe. Theft and vandalism rates are rising on building and construction sites security, which can result in expensive repairs and stock replacement.

Our personnel are the premier Security Guards in Auckland and will provide a wide range of security services, logging and reporting any incidents that may occur.

First-class Building Security Services

10/7 Security services are most widely used for building and construction sites, such as Miles Construction, Buildtech Construction, Downey Construction, Compass Homes, Haydn & Rollet, Imperial Homes, Changda International Limited, Finesse Residential, Watts & Hughes Construction, and Nicholls Group of Projects Limited.

Security staff for building and construction sites can perform the following duties:

  • Inspect and identify maintenance/ safety issues
  • Arm security system, alarm
  • Respond to emergency on-site
  • Log any suspicious occurrences
  • Report any incidents
  • Conduct foot patrol (hourly) or at client request
  • Lock gates/ sheds/ doors

Do not take the risk of leaving your valuable work site unsafe, contact 10/7 Security today and experience the best Construction Site Security services available in Auckland.

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If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Does 10/7 Security offer Mobile Patrols, Camera/Alarm Installation and Alarm Monitoring ?

Yes, These services are offered by 10/7 Security.

Is there a minimum number of hours per shift?

According to the NZSA a three (3) hour minimum must be paid. Following this rule, this 4 hours minimum is always charged by 10/7 Security.

Does 10/7 Security offer security services for construction sites?

Yes. 10/7 Security has officers trained and certified with 1st Aid and Construction Site Health & Safety Induction, who are alert, experienced, and appropriately dressed to comply with Building Regulations. These staff specialise in asset protection and 10/7 Security ensures their reliability.

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